Can I book without my party address?

Can I book without my party address?

Yes. If the party is taking place at your bar/hotel/venue/accommodation you can book without the address by following the instructions below:

How to book without the address

Step 1) After you have added the service to the cart and your ready to book, proceed to the checkout page. You will see the following box (address field) - please click the box that looks like below:

Step 2) This will a popup page like shown below:

Step 3) You then select "Give us address later" then proceed to make the payment. 

You can provide us the full address at a later stage.

You can only select "Give us address later" if your party is not on the same day you are booking. For example if the current date is 28th December and your are looking to book for the 28th December (the same day) you will not see the option to give us the address later.